COVID-19 Relief Work

COVID-19 disease is currently spreading rapidly across India. Many sugarcane workers, poor and needy people in Beed district are starving due to continuous lock down and lack of manual labor. For such a family, a grocery kit (1 month sufficient) is being provided by the Janvikas Samajik Sanstha. Currently, over 300 people have been given grocery kits.

40 House Construction

With the support of Habitat for Humanity India trust, 40 families of suicide victims in 13 villages of Beed district who do not have their own house and they are not getting help to build a house from anywhere are being given 300 Sq. Ft. permanent houses. This project includes the families of 40 poor and needy women who family member have committed suicide. These families house is currently under construction.

MREGA and Self Employment

Link sugarcane cutter workers, poor and needy people from 50 villages to various government schemes, setting up their self-employment by connecting them with various banks, providing employment to the people in the villages under MREGA scheme, as well as give training to these peoples. Currently the project is running successfully with 50,000 people in 50 villages in Beed district.