Emergency support in COVID-19 situation in Beed district of Maharashtra


From 60 villages (Beed District) 7865 children of sugar cane cutters are linked to school through temporary hostels.


In all 1441 acres of land of 1107 farmers is made productive and varieties of traditional seeds were saved and used.


More than 100000 women from 350 villages got legal rights, self employed, linked to Govt. Schemes , SHG & other Schemes.


20515 people and 10218 animals were provided drinking water, Water and fodder saved 1000
animals & many more.


  Janvikas Samajik Sanstha is a non-religious, apolitical and not-for-profit registered social enterprise striving with the grass root for transforming unjust structures of society. Founded in 1995, it aims at building harmonious and self-sufficient communities of diverse peoples, non religions, languages and cultures.
To this end, JVSS makes them aware of the causes and effects of unjust structures of society, and empowers them with requisite knowledge and initiates programmes of community building and socio-economic.  

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Current Projects

Soil & Water Conservation

Supported by SBI General

Women Empowerment

Supported by ActionAid

children’s Education

Supported by Smile Foundation

Disaster Relief

Supported by Habitat for Humanity trust

  • Soil and water conservation work was done on 170.00 Hectare out of 300 hectares in 2 villages.
  • CCT and deep CCT work done on 170.00 hectares (33604.05 Meter) and 184 units of Gully plugs, gabion dam, soil nala bandh dam and old water source.
  • Three Mati nala bandh repaired completing 8972 cubic meter work.
  • Two new Mati nala bandh constructed completing 3223.02 cubic meter work.
  • We are selected 5 schools in the project area for children between the age group of 6 to 16 years. There is no basic facility available for these children’s education in this school.
  • Increase brain power of children through educational material, Digital education, special classes and give them a quality and technical education. It also encourages education in them.
  • Stop children’s migration and mainstream them to regular educational process.
  • The age group of women whose wombs were removed belonged to the age group of 25 to 45 years. These women are also vulnerable due to socio economic and psychological exploitation and oppression by family, Mukadam and the Owner of the sugarcane farm.
  • The JVSS and partner organizations staff to be imparted trainings in the health-related issues, schemes and flagship programs.
  • Our Work

    Janvikas Samajik Sanstha an NGO is working since 1995 as a development organization in Beed district of Marathwada of Maharashtra. Its intervention is for the women, children, agriculture, farm and migrant labourers from 350 villages of Beed. JVSS till today had supported the people affected by Drought and natural disasters.

    Now a day drought situation in Beed district. So we Supply a 6000 Ltr  water Tankers daily for 1 village (up 200 Household).

    women carry water on their head and solder. It is very painful and difficult for them. So we Distributed a 45 Ltr storage water wheel them.

    Request for emergency relief support (Grocery Kit) for people of rural area of Beed district in COVID -2019 situation.

    Our Partners